If you are looking for debt help and want to find out about how the debt relief or debt settlement program works don’t worry, we have listed some of the frequently asked questions here. If you have any other queries do call one of our staff at 800-900-4070.

Debt settlement is also known by several names as debt resolution, debt negotiation, negotiated debt settlement or sometimes incorrectly called debt consolidation. It is an aggressive method of negotiating mutually agreeable settlements between you and your creditors and allows you to resolve your unsecured debt by reducing the amount you owe (principal). It is a great option if you have debt that you can pay off in 2-3 years time frame or facing financial hardship.

You could negotiate with your creditors on your own for this type of debt relief or you could use Royal Debt Relief to help you settle your debt. When you enroll in such a program, you will usually stop paying your creditors and start saving money in a dedicated account. Once enough money is saved a new debt amount which is much lower than that you currently owe will be negotiated for. This is different from Debt Consolidation and Credit Counseling which just reduces interest rates and do not affect the total balance.

Most unsecured debts not secured with collateral can be successfully settled by Royal Debt Relief. We specialize in credit cards, unsecured or personal loans, hospital bills, debt owed after auto-repossessions, retail debt, private student loans as well as business loans.

Credit Union debts are generally not negotiable as it is a member-owned organization and a settlement will come at the expense of their fellow credit union members. So Credit Unions are not willing to accept anything less than the full balance owed. Federal student loans must be excluded from the program although they are unsecured. Federal and State taxes also cannot be included in a debt settlement plan.

Yes, definitely you can achieve paying your debts on your own by negotiating with your creditors and save yourself an extra 18-25% of your debt.

You may be able to repair your own car or install your own computer network, but most of us would rather like experienced professionals to deal with it. In the same way, there is a lot of information and tools available online to assist you to settle your debts but you need the structure and guidance of an experienced professional who can give you better advice and get you out of debt.

Debt settlement process is usually very stressful and emotional and many people cannot handle the pressure especially if they are being harassed by collectors on the phone. We at Royal Debt Relief have a staff of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge about how these institutions work and do their best to negotiate settlements for unsecured debt. We can potentially save you from considerable stress by settling your debts for just a fraction of what you owe and enable you to move forward in your life.

In our program, our clients do not pay any upfront fees and secondly, we only get paid when your enrolled debts are reduced. All our fees are included in the one-time low monthly payment that you deposit into your Dedicated Account. Actual fees vary by debt amount, your ability to contribute to monthly payments and the state you live in. It will range from 15-20% of the total debt enrolled. Our option is an affordable one when compared to 15-29% average interest rates you pay every year to your credit card companies. Please do contact our debt consultant for more information.

Actually, settlement amounts, necessary savings and period required to reach your goal of debt relief depends on a variety of different factors like your financial position and creditors’ action. The details of the total settlement amount, monthly savings and the period required to reach debt freedom will be detailed in your Client Agreement Summaries based on the goal you select. The amount you can save varies from, 40-60% of what you actually owe.

The time to complete the debt settlement varies from person to person depending on an individual’s current financial condition and based on:

  • How quickly you can build up your settlement funds.
  • Your financial hardship.
  • The amount of balance you owe.
  • The willingness of creditors to enter debt settlement negotiations.

It takes between 24-48 months to complete a debt settlement program. The quicker you save, the sooner you will be in a position to get out of debt. The situation varies from person to person so we can discuss your financial situation during the free confidential phone consultation.

No, you will not be able to continue using your credit cards or other accounts that are enrolled in a Debt Settlement program. When negotiating with creditors to forgive half or more of balances owed they will just not extend more credit unless you bring the account current. Creditors will anyway close your accounts after you have missed a few payments.

However, it is very difficult to make do without at least one credit card for identity and emergencies. To that end, it is permissible to have one credit card with a low balance that you can quickly pay down to zero. This is a great benefit of the Debt Settlement plan compared to other debt relief options. Based on your current financial situation your credit consultant can help you decide on the best plan of action.

It is not possible to stop all creditor calls but there are federal and state laws that can limit and protect you from harassing collection calls. We understand that creditor calls can cause a lot of anxiety and can be very stressful, so our team of experts will educate you on what we can do to keep the calls to a minimum and help counteract potential collection harassment. Our goal is to get creditors to call us and not you.

In our opinion bankruptcy is an extreme option and it should be generally treated as a last resort as it will stay on your credit cards reports for 7-10 years and have serious long-term effects on your everyday life as you can be denied employment, state licenses, insurance as well as tenancy on an apartment.

Bankruptcy laws have changed recently and it is even more difficult to qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy which is the method of liquidating your assets to eliminate your debt. However, you will not be entitled to discharge alimony, child support taxes and student loans. In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you will still have to pay a percentage of your debts.

Besides, there are some other reasons why debt settlement is considered a better option than filing for bankruptcy:

  • You will have to appear in Federal Court at least once or in most cases more than once.
  • The paperwork requires that you reveal all your debts and assets.

Debt settlement is definitely a better option because in debt settlement you will not have to sacrifice your hard earned assets and all your debts will be eliminated with a one-time low monthly payment and for less than what you owe. Your credit score will also start to improve while you are on debt settlement plan.