The Credit Card Scenario

Credit cards have become a familiar feature of our modern lifestyle and it is difficult to imagine our modern economy functioning without them. Credit cards and store cards are no doubt very important for consumers as well as retailers as using checks or carrying cash is time consuming compared to retail-oriented electronic payment technology. One of the reasons for the fast increase of this phenomenon is that people think that carrying “plastic money” is easier than having cash or a checkbook in their wallets or purses due to its tiny size and another reason according to Ryan (2009) is that customers like to use credit cards because of its better services, regular charge and department stores receive advance notices of sales and special offers that are not available to general public. Further, if there is a problem with a purchase payment can be resolved.

Credit cards also provide great perks and you can earn cash back or rewards for your purchases. They serve as tools to help you build credit which is important if you want to buy a car or a house one day.

Used responsibly a credit card is a helpful financial tool, but the availability of cards induces compulsive shoppers to satisfy desires for buying and hence overspend. Many people use their credit cards without thinking about how they will pay back what they borrow. Buying stuff they want immediately without paying immediately can be a tempting scenario. This leads to accumulated interest and overburdened debt.

Another reason for credit card debt is the rising prices and low wages. Credit Card Debts can accumulate for numerous reasons like unforeseen medical bills, divorce or loss of a job. According to Federal Reserve “After the US economy mired a recession in 2008, the outstanding consumer revolving debt- mostly credit debt hit the all-time peak of 1.021 trillion in June.”

Is Credit Card Debt Weighing You Down?

Credit card debt is a very common situation and can happen to anyone. A Nerdwallet analysis of Fed data found that ”the average balance of households with credit card debt stood at $15,863 as of July.” It can take a psychology turn and you may feel that you will never be able to get out of your financial problems and lead a life free of debt. If you are falling delinquent and struggling with your credit card debt you need not panic. Here are options that can get you on the road to financial freedom.

What Are My Options To Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

To reduce your credit card loans you should pay off as much as you can afford monthly and as quickly as possible because the bigger the credit the greater the amount of interest. You have other options too. One is to contact the credit card issuing bank and negotiate about waiving a late fee or reducing the interest rate on the card. Another option is “to take advantage of a zero balance transfer offer” said Schulz There are many other options like:

  • You could consolidate all your credit card loans into a single loan and pay for only one loan with a lower interest rate.
  • By transferring the credit card debt via a balance transfer. Some credit cards let us transfer a loan from a high-interest one to a low-0 interest one with a very low or 0% interest and you can pay off your debt faster. But these credit cards are hard to get if you do not have a good credit score.
  • The smartest way to pay-off credit card debt is Credit Card Counseling.

Need Help With Credit Card Debt?

At Royal Debt Relief we know how difficult it is to deal with credit card debt. If you are worried about your credit card debts, we recommend that you get in touch with us right away. We offer Free credit card debt advice.