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Review your financial situation. If you are falling delinquent and in dire need of help or you are thinking of filing bankruptcy, do give us a call at 800-900-4070. We will evaluate and research your financial circumstances and lay before you multiple options to get a debt relief plan tailored for your debt needs.


Once you have selected a plan we will enroll you in our debt relief program. You could begin your path to debt relief in just a few days by paying a one-time low monthly payment in your customized dedicated account. You can be stress-free as you have found the right solution for the first time with professional support.


We specialize in negotiating with creditors’ to reduce the amount of debt you owe and all your creditors will be paid off from your Dedicated Account one by one until all your enrolled debt is behind you. It will take you 12-48 months to be debt free depending on your financial situation.

Royal Debt Relief Major Advantages


Client Care

We offer the highest level of customer satisfaction and a personal level of service. Our experienced professionals will make sure you have a clear understanding of the debt relief program selected to suit your needs. Our debt relief experts will reach out at every step to mitigate harassing creditor calls and guide you through the process of debt relief.

You can contact us for free debt consultation and evaluation and also customized debt relief programs without paying any fees. No upfront fees will be charged and you do not pay a thing until we can successfully lower your debt.


No Upfront Fees


Flexible Programs To Fit Your Budget

Our debt relief program is the most flexible of most of the other programs in terms of monthly budgeting. You decide on what amount you can afford to pay each month in your special dedicated account. If you miss paying your monthly installment you do not need to pay any penalty charges, the only penalty is that your program may take longer to complete. You can also fund your account over and above your basic level so that you can make up for any missed monthly payment.

You will not be pressurized and can take your time to decide on the program best suited to your needs. We are here to make sure that you reach your goal with the help of our qualified staff.


Total Transparency


Account Management

When you are enrolled in Royal Relief Debt program you will be assigned a Special Dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through the entire negotiation process, keep you updated and get your authorization to proceed with finalizing your debt settlement. In this way, you stay in control over the whole process and have a final say in the settlements.

When you select a debt relief plan our debt negotiators will negotiate with your creditors to make sure that your debts are reduced by a significant margin. We will work hard not only to lower your monthly payments but also get you out of debt in the shortest time-frame possible. i.e. 12-48 months depending on your financial situation.


Fast Debt Relief That Works

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